Landscape Design

Why should I ask Beinings to take a look at my landscaping project?


Tom & Cheryl have over 70 years of combined experience designing and installing residential and commercial landscapes in Northwest Ohio. Beining Nursery will create a landscape designed to match your taste and lifestyle from the palette of plants and materials that we have at our disposal.  Landscaping is our passion. What started as a hobby has become our business and we still love it today.


Tom & Cheryl love to read and travel and their passion for landscape plants is never far behind.  Whether they’re on vacation or just traveling around Ohio, they are always looking for new design ideas. They spend countless hours reading nursery publications and visiting arboretums across the country. Their own yard and nursery landscapes have become the proving grounds for many of their favorite plants. Everyone at Beining Nursery works here because they love plants, people, and working outdoors. We understand that there is a balance between the tried and true and the latest fad, but our goal is always to listen to you and your ideas to create the most unique design to fulfill your expectations.




Most things that we buy begin to decrease in value as soon as they’re purchased, but the value of a well designed landscape only increases in time. With proper maintenance, a good landscape can last almost indefinitely. Most of the landscapes that we installed 20-30 years ago still look great today and will last many more years. Statistics have shown that good landscaping generally increases the value of your property by more than it costs. If you compare the cost of a professionally designed and installed landscape, to what you pay for other home related items, and their benefits, we believe professional landscaping is one of the smartest home investment you could make.