Client Resources

We are pleased to provide the following documents for your reference:

Is Summer Really a Good Time to Plant? - the benefits and misconceptions about planting in mid-summer.

Made for the Shade - the right perennials for shady landscapes.

The Wonderful World of Ferns - WARNING: for plant junkies only, don’t read this unless you’ve got chlorophyll for brains!

This Spring…Be Crabby - all about flowering crabapples

Conifers: The Backbone of the Winter Landscape

The Value of a Great Landscape Design - designing vs. decorating.

Caring for your new landscape - this includes advice, tips and help with watering, tree stakes and wrapping, weed control and mulching, pruning, fertilizing, pest problems and winter protection.

To Prune or not to Prune - correct trimming and pruning practices.

Planting and Care Instructions - our advice for planting and caring for plants purchased at Beining Nursery.

Tree Planting Diagram  - a visual guide to tree planting.

Shrub Rose Winter Protection  - how to cover your roses the first winter.

The Ohio State Pinecones???? - a discussion about Spring evergreen problems

Enjoy Your Winter Landscape - a well planned landscaping design can benefit your winter landscape.

Winter Tree Trimming – pruning small trees now prevents big problems later.

All Creatures Great and Small - wildlife creatures and your plants

Behold the Power of Mulch - Its all about mulch...